Monday, 7 May 2018


Students from 3rd Grade of Primary are learning some of the irregular verbs in English. In the English classroom, they are working in groups and playing with some cards to learn some of the verbs!! They are boosting their English level a lot!!! Congrats!!!

Sunday, 15 April 2018


On 10th March the day of Open Doors was celebrated in La Inmaculada school. 
The school opened its doors to people to come in and see the classes, labs, and all facilities in general.
That day, students could do all kind of activities. There were artistic, action and languages workshops among others.
At the language laboratory, children played a lot of games in English and French. There were different games for different ages like videos for little children, Gruffalo website with a lot of activities for Primary students and the site "lyrics training" for the oldest where pupils had to complete the lyrics of a song.
When children finished their workshop, they could take some sweets.
Finally, the pre-school education teachers did a play called "The fish of colours"

The Open Doors day was fantastic, great, incredible...

Andrea Minguillón 3º ESO